Sustainable Transport Project For Egypt

Sustainable Transport Project

component 4

Improved energy efficiency of freight transport

Global benefits:  The main global benefits of this component are arising from the gradual, incremental improvement of the fuel economy of the trucks and improved logistics reducing the trips with empty or partial load with the estimated GHG reduction of 850,000 tons of CO2 as a direct result of the project and a potential for over 5 million tons of CO2 through successful replication. In addition, the project is expected to result in additional GHG reduction by promoting modal shift from road to rail and river based freight transport options. 

Component's Progress & Activities (click here)

 Component 4 is designed to promote the energy efficiency of  freight transport, thereby complementing the efforts of the local authorities to reduce local air pollution caused by the trucks operating in and entering into the urban areas.

In exploring the opportunities for improved energy efficiency of freight transport, the project seeks to co-operate closely with private and public truck operators and managers of the freight terminals, warehouses, repair shops etc. operating in urban areas. It will build on the ongoing and planned activities of the Government of Egypt,

such as the effort of the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency to establish a network of stations for vehicle checking and engine fine tuning with opportunities to improve also the fuel economy of the vehicles.

Similarly, the project will co-operate with the Ministry of Transport and its underlying agencies to promote the increasing use of more energy efficient rail and river based freight transport modes, including the establishment of new intermodal (rail-truck) and (river-truck) terminal facilities.

The specific technical assistance activities supported under this component include Updating the situation analysis and developing policy recommendations and other measures for improving the energy efficiency of urban freight transport in Egypt

Supporting the efforts of the Ministry of environment for establishing pilot integrated centers in Cairo for environmental and technical inspection of vehicles. The centers aim at issuing licenses in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior.