Sustainable Transport Project For Egypt

Sustainable Transport Project

component 5

Enhanced awareness, capacity and strengthened institutional basis to promote sustainable transport sector development during and after the project

Global benefits:   Indirect. Global benefits achieved by successful replication of the sustainable transport sector measures discussed under components 1-4, for which the overall institutional strengthening and capacity building of local stakeholders is essential. 

Component's Progress & Activities (click here)

This Component accommodates a package of activities to serve the required general capacity building and institutional strengthening to facilitate effective replication of the different pilot concepts tested under components 1-4 and to facilitate further sustainable transport development in Egypt in general

The specific measures and activities to be promoted under this component include: 

Conducting a study to determine emission factor for small vehicles fuelled with gasoline in Great Cairo using On-Board Emission Measuring System.
Raising the awareness and building the capacity of the key professionals in the institutions dealing with urban planning and development, including, among others, the Ministry of Housing and its underlying agencies,

Local Governorates, Ministry of Interior and its underlying agencies enforcing the traffic rules and regulations on different aspects of sustainable transport.
Consolidating and disseminating the results and lesson learnt from the implementation of the different project components and finalizing the recommendations for the required next steps.