Sustainable Transport Project For Egypt

Sustainable Transport Project

Enhanced awareness, capacity and strengthened institutional basis


Enhanced awareness, capacity and strengthened institutional basis to promote sustainable transport sector development

The STP has analyzed the results of the field measurements conducted and the huge data-set collected in the field study for determination of the fuel-based emission factors of private cars and taxis with gasoline engines in Greater Cairo, and has continued the study to determine the emission factors based on travel distance of the cars (g/km) - i.e. activity-based emission factors. The generated emission factors were integrated in the Third National Communication Report to UNFCCC for Egypt. The project has used the on-board measurements to construct a local drive cycle representing the traffic pattern in Greater Cairo, which has been used to estimate activity-based emission factors. A training was organized for the relevant staff in the Environmental Agency on the data acquisition and analysis for estimating the emission factor.

The “Support To An Improved Urban Transport System in Cairo” Project funded by AFD / French GEF (also managed by the UNDP-GEF Project Management Unit) has continued conducting a complementary field study for determination of fuel-based emission factors of diesel engine vehicles (buses, minibuses and micro buses) under local driving conditions in Greater Cairo using on-board measuring equipment.

1) The STP / EEAA has been coordinating with the new Agency for Regulating Urban Transport in Greater Cairo, under the Ministry of Transport, to investigate the opportunities to assist in building its capacity, and developing its organization.

2) The STP / EEAA has also been coordinating with the Ministry of Transport and its underlying agencies (river, rail authorities and the General Authority for Roads, Bridges and Land Transport, GARBLT) to investigate the opportunities to assist in building their capacity in the area of sustainable transport to effectively co-ordinate the development of the public transport systems in Cairo and other major urban centers in Egypt. "Determination of Emission Factors of Gasoline Driven Cars and Taxis in Greater Cairo" Report