Sustainable Transport Project For Egypt

Sustainable Transport Project

Project Management

The executing agency of the project is the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA) following the UNDP national execution arrangements. In executing the project, the EEAA has the responsibility to ensure the liaison and co-ordination with the other ministries and city administrations and the agencies and authorities under them, which are having a stake in the project.

Project Steering Committee (PSC): 

The Project Steering Committee headed by the EEAA CEO oversees and supervises project planning and implementation processes. The committee consists of EEAA  CEO, Project Director, UNDP representative, and one representative each from the Ministries and agencies involved in the project. Other representatives are selected as needed by the PSC. The committee meets  once or twice a year.

 The day-to-day implementation and management of the project is undertaken by the project manager, supported by task leaders responsible for the further development, effective implementation and follow up of the proposed pilot projects, in addition to the core project team:


Project Director

Dr. Mona Kamal

Chief Executive Officer, Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency



UNDP Project Officer

Dr. Mohamed Bayoumi

UNDP Assistant Resident Representative

Project Management Unit - PMU
Project Manager

Eng. Mohamed Fathy


Financial and Administration Manager

Suzan Elmeniawy

Project Technical Officer

Dr. Anwar Ahmed

Communication and Environmental Awareness Adviser

Nada Al-Tantawi

Administrative Assistant

Ghada Mahmoud

Administrative Assistant

Youssef Khaled

Office Boy

Salah Eldin Khogaly


Yaser Abdel-Rahim