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Sustainable Transport Project

Promoting Non-Motorized Transport - Walking & Cycling


Promoting non-motorized transport in Shebin El Kom and Fayoum cities

Two pilot projects for implementing non-motorized transport corridors for walking and cycling in Shebin El Kom and Fayoum Cities are being executed. In each city, the total length of the non-motorized corridors is about 14 km, and the construction cost is about LE 8 million.

The GEF Small Grants Programme (SGP) in Egypt is participating in the financing of some of the pilot project activities that are being implemented by local NGOs in Menoufeya and Fayoum Governorates.

The pilot projects in the two cities include the following components:

  1. Design and execute urban development works necessary to improve pedestrians’ sidewalks, build  14 KMS long secure lanes for bikes on the network of main roads.
  2. Design and manufacture bicycle racks and locate them in accessible parking areas near  vital locations in the two cities.
  3. Facilitate the purchase of bicycles by offering interest free payment facilities to the citizens in Shebin El-Kom and Fayoum.
  4. Raise environmental and cultural awareness among people through campaigns to promote walking and biking.
  5. Develop and boost the professional skill of a number of bike repair and maintenance workshops in the two cities.

The Menoufeya Pilot includes six main streets in Shebin El-Kom; namely: Atef El-Sadat, Anwar El-Sadat, Samih Mubarak, Talaat Harb, Sabri Abu Alam, and Gamal Abdel Naser.

The Pilot in Fayoum includes six streets: Al-Farouk Omar, Mahmoud Fahmy El-Noqrashi, El-Shaheed Ahmed Ibrahim, Abbas El-Akad, Ahmed Shawky, Abdel-Rahman Ekl-Sharkawy.

Urban development works

Field surveys, designs and tender documents of the two pilots have been completed. The pilots were tendered for construction by the Housing Department in each Governorate, and are now under implementation.

The construction activities of the pilot in Shebin El Kom have nearly been completed. Menoufeya Governorate has contributed more than LE 20 million for developing and upgrading the infrastructure and the utilities in these corridors. The Egyptian Social Fund for Development (SFD) has funded part of the pilot project in Fayoum with LE 2.6 million, and the construction of that part has been completed. The remaining part of the construction in Fayoum is now under implementation. The project team has efficiently managed all challenges faced during construction phases.

The NMT pilot projects in Fayoum and Menoufeya governorates are good examples of how government support dedicated to the project has resulted in a very well-coordinated work that  led to tangible results. The two governors provided all support needed to complete the construction works. They also provided assistance and support for the promotional cycling events organized by the STP.   Moreover, the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Youth and Sports have developed a strong partnership over the years 2014 / 2015 in promoting cycling in the two cities. The two ministries joined efforts in organizing two big cycling events that included several hundreds of local bikers  along with the senior officials in the two ministries and the governorates.   The Minister of Environment himself rode a bike  in launching the cycling awareness campaign in Menoufeya.

Awareness-raising activities

For the current year 2015, the STP has prioritized the awareness-raising activities as one of its key outputs of Non-Motorized Transport.  The public awareness campaign coordinated by the PMU in cooperation with the DRTPC  technical expertise of Cairo University and partner NGOs, was carried out successfully in the two cities of Fayoum and Shebin El-Kom. The campaign included organizing a good number of seminars targeting different categories of beneficiaries and designed to explain and promote the project, preparation of NMT brochures, posters, banners and other print materials as well as development of press releases for newspapers and digital media. Promotional T-shirts & caps, including project logos and slogans, were also developed and distributed to people who participated in the riding events promoted by the project n the two cities. The project team provided assistance and full support to encourage young people in the two governorates to establish amateur biking groups, who can organize cycling events regularly.  There are three biking groups now in the two cities that organize bi-monthly rides and engage in social events on bicycles such as "Ramadan charitable activities". The team members reported that they enjoy charitable work this year because they do it on their bikes

Each biking group is composed of 15-25 members (including some young women) with a supervisor who is considered the founder of the group. The three groups created their face book pages and started to promote their activities and riding events.

The newly-established groups aim to spread the culture of riding bicycles as mean of transport in their communities, and for girls to break the moulds of customs and traditions, and change society's perception" about girls riding bicycles. The groups in Menoufeya are now using the bike lanes, and protecting them against any attempts by cars or motorcycles to park on. The awareness seminars played a good role in raising the awareness of the communities of the benefits of riding bicycles as a mean of transport.

Moreover, the project is about to produce an info-graphic video to serve as a supporting material for introducing and communicating of the NMT awareness-raising activities in the two cities of Fayoum and Shebin El-Kom.

The parking racks have been finished and will be installed in Menoufeya in September 2015.