Sustainable Transport Project For Egypt

Sustainable Transport Project

Stakeholders and Partners

In order to meet the set targets of the project, it is critical that the implementation has full support and backing of the key authorities. Extensive stakeholder consultations have already been conducted during the project preparatory phase to secure this support. These consultations are still being conducted as a continuing process throughout the implementation phase.

The targeted private sector entities in the measures promoting public-partnerships are obvious stakeholders. The NGOs are also Project implementation partners and potential beneficiaries.

The following list of stakeholders is involved into the project activities in order to reach its primary beneficiaries - the city residents.

NGOs in Menoufeya

  • The “Takwa” Association
  • The Egyptian Association for the Advancement of Women and Children

NGOs in Fayoum

  • The Arab Association for Human Development and Community Services.
  • The Environment Protection Association