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Sustainable Transport Project

STP encourages girls to ride bicycles in public

Unfortunately, it's socially unacceptable in Egypt for a girl to ride a bicycle in the street. In some governorates like Fayoum for instance, girls have been denied the opportunity to ride bicycles in public, until now. Gender stereotypes presents a serious  obstacle to the achievement of real gender equality for riding bicycles.

In fact, the "Sustainable Transport Project for Egypt" was not designed to address gender equality to achieve its primary objective. The Project does not have sex-disaggregated data to report, but can provide analysis of gender -related issues in the project context.

The Project 's  Non Motorized Transport (NMT) Pilot activities revealed that the girls and women have no influential role in the cycling activities in the two governorates  of Menoufeya and Fayoum, where the Project is implementing its pilot activities. If the Project undertook a gender assessment, the findings would show very low participation  in cycling groups established in the two cities.

 However, some NMT Pilot activities targeted girls and young women as direct beneficiaries. The pilot projects, which are working to promote modal share of Non- Motorized Transport (walking and cycling) in the two cities of Shebin El-Kom and Fayoum, organized several awareness seminars in cooperation with our partner NGOs that targeted girls and young women in schools, universities and youth centers as follows: 

  • The STP held an awareness seminar in cooperation with National Council for Women in Fayoum on March 25, 2015 with 71 women attending.
  • The STP held another awareness seminar in Fayoum on June 15, 2015 for young men and women in the youth centers (attended by 44 women and 38 men).  
  •  In Menoufeya, four awareness seminars were held by two partner NGOs including men and women participants (total number of participants in the four seminars: 445 women 825 men).
  • The Project supports the partner NGOs in the two cities of Fayoum and Shebin El-Kom to establish riding groups for girls only.
  • The Project is encouraging the girls and women to purchase bicycles through the revolving funds administered by the partner NGOs.

last year, the project coordinated two riding events with the Swedish Institute in Alexandria and the oldest professional team in Cairo "Go Bike" under the slogan "No harassment". The project arranged and supported the participation of the youth in Fayoum in one of those  cycling events  in Cairo Governorate on 16 May 2014, and the youth from Menofia in another event in Alexandria Governorate on 23 May 2014.

The Project is keen on  changing attitudes and eliminating gender stereotypes not only at the level of individuals, but also at the level of institutions and the broad public . And as media and education are key agents for making this change, the Project is now working on the production of an info-graphic video  that promotes the importance of NMT for both men and women.