Sustainable Transport Project For Egypt

Sustainable Transport Project

Three riding groups established

To encourage cycling in the two governorates of Menoufeya  and Fayoum where the STP pilot projects are being implemented, the project helped establish three riding groups in the two cities; 2 teams in Shebin El-Kom  and one team in Fayoum with the help of the partner local NGOs. Each group is composed of 15-25 members with a supervisor who is considered the founder of the group. The three groups created their facebook pages and started to promote their activities and riding events. The number of likes of each page is increasing tremendously reaching to 2000 likes for one of the teams.

The groups want bicycles to replace cars for travelling short distances, using the separate lanes for cyclists, which were built by the project.

Almost every week, the groups arrange cycling tours. Sometimes some young women participate in the weekly rides.  One group of Menoufeya called "Bikes Team" has about 5 women as members.  

President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi threw his weight behind promoting cycling just days after coming to office. In July last year, Sisi took part in a cycling marathon to encourage people to switch from automobiles.

The newly-established groups aim to spread the culture of riding bicycles as means of transport in their communities. The Menoufeya biking group also want bicycles to be a means of transport for girls to break the moulds of customs and traditions in Shebin El-Kom and change society's perception" about girls riding bicycles.

In Ramadan, the two teams of Menoufeya began charitable activities like distributing iftar meals on the poor using their bicycles. The team members reported that they enjoy charitable work this year because they do it on their bikes.

The groups in Menoufeya are  now using the bike lanes and also protecting them against any attempts by cars or motorcycles to park on them. The awareness seminars conducted by STP played a good role in raising the awareness of the communities of the benefits of riding bicycles as a means of transport.


"My Bike & I in Fayoum" Team in a joint ride with Go Bike in Cairo
"My Bike & I in Fayoum" Team
"My Bike & I in Fayoum" Team
"My Bike & I in Fayoum" Team
"My Bike & I in Fayoum" Team
"Bikes Team" in Menoufeya
Menoufeya Team
Menoufeya teams